Skip, I'm not sure that we can or can not label either of those knives as genuine Mark 1's. Wouldn't mind running across one of these to compare to my two examples. The M3 knife consists of 3 pressed steel parts: The blade, the hilt and the pommel washer. (see photos). This is it. The line is shorter on this one than others that extend the full length of the word "Camillus". the M3 pommel and guard to improve their knife and help conserve parts. This tang stamp was used by Camillus from 1960 to the late 1970s. This tang stamp was used by Camillus from 1946 to 1950. Synthetic Staglon have no cracks or chips. All blades/implements open and close with good snap and no wobble. Besides showing you how to date a Camillus knife properly, I also give some tips to avoid falling into the fake vintage Camillus knife scam. with their design. However, how nice of a Schrade knife you have is also dependent on what era the knife came from. I had the Colonial and Geneva knives flipped the wrong way, You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Guards were double steel, the very rare brass or plastic like the pommels. One is the Shark. Western made two: one with a 6-inch blade, the G46-6, and one with a 5-inch blade, the G46-5. By the close of 1943, a satisfactory method was applied. Heavily used Camillus hunter, possible returned to the A similar issue occurs when dating the Kinfolks knife, but the chances of that error are slim. The re-launch occurred in 2009 with an introduction of a line of tactical knives imported from oversees. These knives should be professionally serviced by a Way cool! Although the regulation number of grooves is 8, it is not uncommon to see models with 5, 6 or 7 grooves. Unknown Hunting Knife: Kent was a trade name used by F W It has a couple of chips out of the bone on the pile side and the tip is broken off the caplifter. Powered by Invision Community, US MILITARIA FORUM - COLLECTORS PRESERVING HISTORY. Add to Cart. The Camillus prototype shop started work on improving the new M3 design. The Camillus Cutlery Company was one of the oldest knife manufacturers in the United States as its roots date back to 1876. Here is an image of my fullered 5 inch blade next to the saber ground blade knife. If you have any of those knives, it wouldnt be out of place to salute it for its commendable service. Shows the Imperial bent guard with correct sheath as a Mark 1. USMC Raider reproduction with fine pewter handle. by Wayne Goddard Because of this, an exact dating system is impossible. You will find here an article about the USM3 Fighting Knife. S-6708 RW marked Guardless fish knife stamped Krome Plate, Silvey in United States Military Knives 1941-1991 again shows the Camillus as a Mark 1 in a USN Mark 1 sheath (which I think might be possible as it is certainly a better sheath in terms of durability and may have been swapped out by an air crewman in the 50s). In fact, in the '30s Camillus had the reputation of being the highest quality maker of knives in the United States. Only the same "Camillus N.Y." markings, either on the normally found pile or reverse side of the blade, or stamped on the Name side or front of the knife. Pilots Knife Made by Camillus. Of course, that was very interesting to Camillusthe company had designed the M3 in 1942and military contracts, with additional sales in the commercial market to users and collectors, would be very welcome. Pal (Pal Blade & Tool co.) --> 121,231 pieces, It's an American made Camillus single blade jack with stagalon scales. These fakes are even made with materials that age fast, tricking you into thinking that the knife has indeed seen a lot of years. SKIP. This is when Camillus re-designed their screw top pommel. During World War I, the manufacturer cranked out over 470,000 knives for the U.S., British, Canadian and Dutch governments. IMHO, both knives fit into the category of Navy Mark1 knives. I've heard arguments on both sides, but as of yet I'd be uncomfortable moving the positions beyond the level of opinion. Also, there are no dots between USA. Yes it is WW2 period. Shortly after its bankruptcy, the brand name was purchased & re-launched by Acme United Corporation. by DTM1973 Tue Mar 10, 2020 10:33 pm, Powered by phpBB Forum Software phpBB Limited. Required fields are marked *. You can view others with full length line below. markings on the knives or the special way the knife was built. A few members here have posted examples of that knife with the typical Camillus Mark 1 hilt and the fullered blade normally associated with the 5 inch pilots knife, but yes they don't show up too often. Very fragile in spite of its reinforcements, it was quickly replaced by the M8 fiber sheath (M8 Scabbard), then finally by the M8A1 sheath (M8A1 Scabbard). 5665 J86: Prototype dated 3/25/1942 made for the Army It is WW II era and dual tang marked and etched. The USMC solicited bids from several knife They adopted the single pin Frank reports that Marbles was supplying the Ideal to the Government as early as 1934. If you collect USM3 fighting knife, have a look at our knife selection, you will find several authentic USM3 available. brass pins holding stagged bone over black plastic liners. Many times the guards and pommels were mixed and matched. That is why,, Read More How to Date a Schrade Knife (+ Schrade Knife Collection Tang Stamp Chart)Continue. Its width is 21.8mm (21.8mm) and thickness is 4.5mm (4.5mm). Knife Collecting: The History of the Camillus M3, Ron Popeil, TV Knife Pitchman, Passes Away, Mastersmith Lin Rhea Honored As Arkansas Living Treasure, Walter Blackie Collins: Applying The Edge To BLADE Magazine, Best Tomahawks: Our Top Hawks For Backwoods To Battlefields (2023), American Knives: Legendary Designs From The Land Of The Free, Antique Switchblades: World War II And Beyond, Knifemaking 101 Read This Before You Make a Knife, 8 Things You May Not Know About Forged in Fire. Sweeping grind. The earliest Camillus factory experimental 6 inch Jet Pilot where possible. SPRING HILL CUTLERY (eBay: bargainseller02). Shop for Camillus Knives & Read Knife Reviews. . At a time like this, when not all dealers can be trusted, you need to be on guard. Heres a link to Frank Trzaska's Note on the subject. of Tom Williams, Camillus factory historian, I have assembled the qualified technician to remove the surface rust and dirt on them. You will find pictures, dates of use, & short descriptions of most. . Camillus WW2 Military Rope Knife 5 out of 5 stars (97) $ 50.00. Blade finishes included polished, blued and Parkerized. $149.99. An unmarked prototype hunter with Stagged Rosewood and That stamp is different than the one used earlier. You have entered an incorrect email address! Important note : As the fiber sheaths are quite fragile (we see them quite often with the broken end), the M8 A1 was modified after the war. The purpose of this post is to list a few of the variations found in one of the most widely distributed pocketknives in the last century: the Camillus electrician-pattern knife as issued to the U.S. armed forces and other agencies. Knife shows signs of having been sharpened a few times but blade is still pretty full. Camillus had grown to over 200 employees by 1910 and produced over 900,000 knives that year alone. If you dont go to knife shows, you might also have some luck with veteran knife collectors in your locale. There are also extensive catalogs on the knife brand, making my work easier. Great knife for camping or scouting I carried mine on walks in the woods. The latest dated pommel stamped Camillus 5733 is 3-1985. bone and 1466 dozen made in stagged Rosewood. Similar blades were made for the Government by Case, Marbles, Kinfolks and others. This is an early Marbles design with a The one on the left there is a bevel at the top of the grip. The blade had a massive blood groove and upswept false edge on the spine. The picture I posted is of a knife I had bid on in an auction, but did not win. Thank you KLJ77. My goal is to provide helpful information about old pocket knives relating to their identification and history. and steel domed rivets but with a different grind from above. Dustin- Great information! Any review of World War II military fixed blades must include several examples of Western knives. factory reference collection. Both have dark what I believe is blued blades. Some shady knife enthusiasts might want to get the knife from you at a steal price or in a swap deal for something else. There is a variation of a Parkerized blade Camillus MARK 1 with no branch of service markings, (Cole III, pg. In the 1980s, the U.S. Armed Forces discussed improving the M3. On the blade -> Manufacturer's name + Type ex : PAL USM3, 3rd Type marking (1944) : I will do my best to provide opportunities for . Both have leather grips. Blades show only light use and the main spear blade is full. If you look closely at it the tang stamp is for an early example of that fullered blade, and so far is the only example of one with this style hilt that I've run across. 5665: Early 12/29/1939 prototype of the new Camillus design hunting knife. You have a very scarce Camillus MARK 1. quick. Like the stamp shown directly above this one, you have to be careful as it is very similar to a few others. Knife has them in stock. It is fixed to the blade by crushing the tang on most models. Founded in 2019, has established itself as the go-to site for militaria collectors. Its history did not stop there since it was distributed until stocks were exhausted. by glennbad Tue Mar 10, 2020 1:59 am, Post 5665: Early 12/29/1939 prototype of the new Camillus design These sheaths are in a very different style from the This is a Camillus brass lockback. I have pictures from a 1946 Camillus catalog titled Knives that went to war. Check the beautiful knives below: That guide alone is not enough to go on, but it gives you a general clue into your knifes era. It was officially known as the G46. this out before you buy. Call (03) 4245 1141 ULSTER TL-29 Pocket Knife Rosewood Handles Tool Lineman's . Stagged Rosewood, CR guard sactroop- Just noticed the lower Camillus above the stamped sheath has a very well defined, scooped out fuller. | Privacy. Any Never used or Vintage Camillus U.S.A. These two knives are commonly identified as WW2 pilots knives. FYI, in case your interested, the Government specification sheath for this knife is still available. auction. factory or used by them. When WWI and WWII came along, Adolph shifted the focus of the company to cater to U.S. soldiers and the Allied Forces. Knife has been used, carried, and resharpened and has loads of patina, but still has a lot of useful life left in it. To remedy this problem the US Army had the Trench Knifes Mle1917, Mle1918 and Mle1918 mk1 manufactured. by glennbad Tue Mar 10, 2020 1:55 am, Post Made for Sears & Roebucks. together at the same time. 5684 L77A: Camillus tried to talk Naval Ordnance into using spacer arrangements. Once you open the link you can either scroll about have way down and look for the title "bright blades", or put it into the find function and let the machine do the work. M8 (1st Model): Made of fiber, metal and spun cotton canvas. This is the early AAC Fortunately for us, Camillus changed their stamps enough to map each one to different periods. The M3 was originally distributed with the M6 leather sheath (M6 Scabbard) reinforced with metal additions to reinforce it. Acme United Corporation bought the companys brand name and intellectual property rights, relaunching the Camillus brand in 2009. inch Mark 2 with a M3 pommel. CONDITION MUST LQQK. Woolworths, S3388: When the Marines formed the ParaMarines they needed a Hunting knife: Camillus hunting and fishing knives have long blades. We made no attempt to do any cleaning in case the knife is old. We can go down the list for all the contractors. Camillus knives are one of my most favorites knives to date. Sent to the Jeffersonville Quartermaster, it is essentially a 6 current model. Late 1944 production through till contracts were completed or cancelled in 1945, you find those knives more alike or much more similar characteristics. 28,000 copies and Viner Bros. 28,000 copies. $7.87 shipping. by zzyzzogeton Tue Mar 10, 2020 6:46 pm, Post edge. The rarest USMC knife in The M3 was designed to meet a shortage of combat knives, especially in early 1942. by DTM1973 Tue Mar 10, 2020 1:33 am, Post $9.95. USMC Raider reproduction with fine pewter handle. The original design of this 5" blade is, I believe, a pre-war Marbles design which was known as the "Ideal", a #45. rivets. large bakelite pommel and multiple spacers. Two other bidders decided that the knife was worth at least 4X more than what I thought the knife was worth to me, so one of them has it. USMC next to the current repro which graphically shows the difference. If you are interested in the Camillus M4 In this early production from the spring of 1943 through to the middle of 1944 is where you'll find all the variables or variations with in the Mark 1 knives. Both have black plastic pommel. The first design used a threaded tang and nut to secure the handle and butt. Note the non-italic font & the length of line . . It is marked U.S.N over MARK I. This guide to dating Camillus knives is focused on the Camillus-stamped knives only. This does not impact the price of the item youre buying and it supports me to keep creating the content that you love. After more than two decades (1897) in this business, importation costs for the knives were getting higher and wiping out Adolphs profits. The spear blade has an etch that says "Sta-Sharp" over "Chrome Plated". This is an Official Boy Scouts of America knife made by Camillus here in the USA. In New York City. This pattern has black synthetic handle scales and no number stamped on the reverse of the spear blade.
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