2. Then had sex again 8p.m Thursday. Strain the water and crush the sesame seeds to from a smooth paste. Like most medical decisions, choosing a treatment to stop periods requires some cost/benefit analysis. Get prescriptions or refills through a video chat, if the doctor feels the prescriptions are medically appropriate. Will I get pregnant? In Namibia, I had unprotected sex tonight around 11 and I use went to pee instantly and also drank warm water and salt am I save from getting pregnant, Pls sir Yesterday been Tuesday I noticed small blood coming out from my vagina 25 Signs Babys Coming. For others, it can be a regular reminder that menstruating can suck. Yes, if it is not your safe period. I had an unprotected sex with my fiancee on the 29th which is yesterday. "Both are relatively safe but there are certain conditions which may make the mini-pill more suitable. Women take apple cedar vinegar for different reasons ranging from the treatment of keloids, pelvic inflammatory disease, sexually transmitted infections, vaginal yeast, vaginal odour, infection back pains, stomach upset and prevention of pregnancy. Your WhatsApp Num If you dont mind. Can hot Lipton flush sperm immediately after sex? You cannot have D and C and then continue having unprotected sex on the third daytoo risky.Anyway, you are safe.. We had unprotected sex after 2days of her period, I think some of my fluids entered her body and she later complained of having stomach ACH. The "Siren" The "Sophisticate" The "Boss" The "Bohemian" The . While ibuprofen is a strong pain reliever, it would take a high dose to affect your period. 1wk I did pregnancy test strip it shows negative. To learn more, please visit our, which helps with pai and the dispense system is such that it does not irritate Stomach. Relax. I have not seen this proposed in any medical journals, and I would not recommend anyone try this on their own, she says. Ovualating and having unprotected sex is a no no.You went ahead to have another unprotected sex even after taking postinor. Be patient, Sir please I had an unprotected sex with my fiance since on Friday and today is Tuesday. Cut it in to half and take out the seeds. I am expecting my period this month but had sex with a guy last night This hour marks the 8th hour from the time I had sex with him. Postinor ought to be once in a month that I know, I took it six days by now in this month but had sex with my hubby am scared is it still advisable to take another one this month since the one I took ought to last for just three days I believe it must have expired, can I still take another postinor? Am so scared , I dont want to take postnoir am so scared , please sir I need an urgent answer ,am so scared, Hello Dr, If someone have unprotected sex with husband after 2-3days of menstruation is their a possibility of getting pregnant, Sir after having sex with my boyfriend I took ampeclox becheem can I get pregnant. Andrew liver salt does not prevent pregnancy. Its action impersonates the action of abortion pills prescribed by a doctor. I think you should take Postinor immediately, please sir I had my period on 27th December to 1st January and had sex on 7th and 8th I took postinor on 10th afternoon am I safe, Yeah. Doc plz I had an unprotected sex, when can I take postinor 2to prevent after pregnancy ? Will I get pregnant. I know it was a mistake. No way. Thank you sir for the advice, I took Beecham ampliox before but after seeing This article I rushed to buy postinor . A friend of mine had sex today with her boyfriend and after sex within 3hours she took hot water and lime plz can it kill pregnant, After having sex, then 7up was use to prevent pregnancy, will it work out, How can I prevent unwanted pregnancy aside from using postioner or other ec, Go to the hospital and insert IUD or implanon or pills or take depo provera. Yes definitely all the medicines have side effects. Safe. Alcohol while drinking, many women find their flow is greatly decreased. What are the treatment options for heavy periods? If you like run a marathon it does not work. Is there any chances of pregnancy Pls need an answer right away If you're undergoing treatment for any kind of cancer, youll know that your body is going through some dramatic changes. Count 12 to 14 days from your last menstrual period. .css-4xjy6g{display:block;font-family:RundDisplay,Helvetica,Arial,Sans-serif;font-weight:bold;letter-spacing:0.01em;margin-bottom:0;margin-top:0;-webkit-text-decoration:none;text-decoration:none;}@media (any-hover: hover){.css-4xjy6g:hover{color:link-hover;}}@media(max-width: 48rem){.css-4xjy6g{font-size:1.25rem;line-height:1.2;margin-bottom:0.9375rem;margin-top:1.25rem;}}@media(min-width: 40.625rem){.css-4xjy6g{font-size:1.25rem;line-height:1.2;margin-bottom:1.25rem;margin-top:0.9375rem;}}@media(min-width: 64rem){.css-4xjy6g{font-size:1.625rem;line-height:1.2;}}Chrissy on "full-body sickness" after holiday, How to tell if your mole could turn cancerous, LI's Samie emotionally shares news of cancer scare, TikToker goes viral after developing sun poisoning, Hailey Bieber recalls 'mini stroke' and surgery, Woman's sunbed hack goes viral, concerning doctors. The past, present, and future of selective progesterone receptor modulators in the management of uterine fibroids. Put 1 teaspoon of dried pennyroyal in a cup. Natural Treatments to get rid of Lower Back Pain, Anxiety and Panic Attacks Holistic Treatments, Human Anatomy and Physiology Study Course. Pls doctor can u tell me the exact time a women is on her free time to have unprotected sex without getting pregnant. OTHERWISE, NOTHING, Prayer. Hi.. Some ladies use salt and water to douche after nakamora. What could b d problem. Is postino the nomal red and yellow capsule ampeseline capsule are they the same, Greetings doc i had sex with my partner 6 days after her period, is there any possibility of she getting pregnant, i didnt deposit inside of her, Good day doc, please Doctor, am I saved, If your premenstrual symptoms are so serious that they affect your daily life -- a condition called premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) -- antidepressants may actually help. Comment:pls sir I took postinor on Saturday then I still had sex on Sunday can it still be effective? Moreover, these methods introduces infections into your reproductive tract. I dont understand this one please. Am breastfeeding right now but I have not started seeing my period but I feel the signs every month but no bleeding. I took pt test but is negative, please can I get pregnant like that, Please I had an abortion on August 20th, I had unprotected sex on August 27 but I took postinor again on September 4 but I took postinor and I havent seen my period since I done the abortion. then she was having running stomach Complicated. Learn how we can help 1.8k views Reviewed >2 years ago Thank Find out here! This can make your periods unpredictable and often heavier than normal. After a washout period of 7 days, Coca-Cola in a dose of (5 ml/kg) was administered along with ibuprofen (56 mg/kg) and blood samples were drawn from 0-12 hr. You wont be pregnant. If youve found yourself wishing your flow would dry up for good, there are solutions. Postinor is your only saving grace not salt and water, How do I get the postinor and likely how much, You can get postinor in pharmacies Price of Postinor is about #600 naira, Pls sir I have sex one day 15 Ways To Get Pregnant With Twins Naturally | Fertility, When Will I Go Into Labor? Have you found out why you are not seeing your period from your gynaecologist? Will the pill still work? It involves 2 methods in one. All Rights Reserved. Trans men and nonbinary peeps may opt for testosterone therapy as part of their transition or to stop periods. Under 10 weeks, the uterus still remains in the preparing stage for the pregnancy, but the pregnancy itself is almost invisible. Hello doc, i had unprotected sex during my ovulation, like saturday and sunday though my husband did not release on me , so i took postinor2, the one with white pack, and am suppose to see my period august 4th, is it possible i will be pregnant or what can i use, this is just the third day after the sex..pls doc expecting your reply, U saw ur period on d 8 of a month and it ended on d 12 of DAT month and u had sex on d 21 of DAT same month is it possible u get pregnant and he said he did release, I had sex two days after my fertile window,,is it possible to be pregnant, Good evening doc if I had an unplanned sex with my husband on my ovulation day and then took postinor2 32hrs later will I still get pregnant. Skipped a bleed? The causes can range from minor to more serious. Pls Doc I had unprotected sex on Thursday 28 last month and I took postinor 1 in the second day. Will it flush away d semen? So going to try to avoid any type of soda period and switch to tea. So Im scared if a little has dropped in. Or what else can I take? And the medicines will likely affect each person differently.. My flow was on 31 to 2 January, had unprotected sex on 19 used postinor on 20th Hi doc, I had my menstural flow on 11th January and it stopped on 14 and I had sex on the 16th am I likely to take in? It is not safe please. I had sex with my girl and I didnt pour it inside but before the sex she did nt see her period and after d sex that we both did she was scared that she hasnt seen her period and I didnt pour it inside, even after the sex she went to urinate, doesnt that mean she is pregnant. Postinor us your best betget one, take it. But the truth is, withdrawal method is not reliable part of the milk is spilled before withdrawal or the guy may totally forget and the rest they say is history. Please I had an abortion on August 20th, I had unprotected sex on August 27 but I took postinor again on September 4 but I took postinor and I havent seen my period since I done the abortion. That can lead to low levels of amniotic fluid. Took excess vitamin c and papaya that same day.. Am I safe, A friend of mine had sex a day after her mensuration ended but took postpill immediately after 2hours of the sex ..can she still get pregnant??? She said shes presently having blood spots and mild pain and its four days now since she took the post pill..What might be the cause ?? Most are unplanned and the partner end up pouring inside. See a certified medical professional for diagnosis. Please I and my girlfriend had unprotected sex and she hasnt taken anything for a week now, is it still possible for her to deactivate the sperm and with what? Put the pineapple cubes in a blender and pour 1 cup of water over it. They believe the acidic nature of lime is toxic to sperm and kills them. Endometrial ablation. Then the same morning took alcohol.. Im afraid . Postionor and what can someone use after sex and does it work, I bought postionor for my gf and she took it around 2pm the second one ,she will take it around 2am abi, Plz I had sex a week after my period and I took postinor2 immediately after sex the next day I started having vagina bleeding through out that day, two days later I started seeing my period again what did u think happened to me?and plz what should I do abt it. Again, it will fail you as mirinda is not spermicidal. My next period is expected to start within 25th-28th. There are several possible causes of delayed or missing periods: anatomical differences, such as those that can cause a vaginal blockage or the absence of a vagina or cervix injury to the. If a Baby Shower is at a Restaurant, Who Pays? 2. One study using rhesus monkeys found that nearly half of the monkeys who were administered cocaine regularly had an abnormal menstrual cycle duration with several episodes of amenorrhea, or the absence of a period for at least 2 months. Add 1 tablespoon of angelica powder to it and mix well. Apart from using it as a feminine wash for tightness, women wash with lime after megbesuegbe to wash out and destroy sperm from their bodies so as to prevent pregnancy. Should You Buy Baby Shower Gifts Not on the Registry? Pls my period started on the 3rd and ended on the 7th of this month, I had sex on the 11th of this month, pls is their high chances of me getting pregnant. Good morning sir pls had unprotected sex 18 days after my menstruation hope save. If she take Andrews liver salt after five days will it prevent her from getting pregnant? I have been having some yellowish watery discharge. here's a rundown of possible reasons why your clit is itching. Chances of being pregnant, My guy had an unprotected sex with a gal on Friday night and Sunday night The IUD lasts up to 5 years but can be removed at any time. "This would have to be done very regularly." Jain V, et al. Please check them out. It is affordable, Pls its urgent Having your uterus removed is kind of the holy grail of permanent period stoppage. So since then I havent seen it and am scared. And I took lemon juice after that. 4. Please go and buy Postinor or postpill and take it immediately. Dr. Pls Im new here. Other painkillers known as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), which include ibuprofen and naproxen, have been shown to have the opposite effect. Although, there are no scientific proof to support this claim but it has been recorded that aspirin can increase the changes of miscarriage almost 7 times during the early stages of pregnancy. Comment: pls i was told contraceptive drug has high side effect. Intake of certain herbs or spices in high doses to induce miscarriage can have major side effects. Let her relax. Consume 500 to 1200 mg of vitamin C every day for 3 to 4 days. Can i take disprin 2-3 times in a day does it lead to any side-effect ? Thats why doctors sometimes prescribe it after a heart attack or stroke, which can happen if a blood vessel becomes blocked by a clot. Pls apart form postinor what other means can someone take especially when the person is not financially stable to buy postinor?? (2016). Though she took postinor 2 an hour later, please is there any possibility of a pregnancy. Like making one not to give birth at all? Because chemotherapy can have such an extreme influence on not just your period but your chances of conception in general, he recommends discussing the options for preserving your fertility, through either embryo freezing or egg storage, if you hope to start a family in the future. Pls I want to get pregnant,I have been having serious issues with my menstration its doesnt come out every month E.G January came on 5 6 then cease 9 cease 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 then stopped stains throughout tho then February came on 3 4 5 6 7 and stop tho its flows well. what are the pros and cons of testosterone replacement therapy? It is best to refrain form consuming vitamin C if you are suffering from kidney stones, because it can worsen the condition. What is the difference between postnor,postnor2 and post pill. Salt and water is not a contraceptive. can coke and disprin stop periods. Urostomy. 3.after unprotected sex using Hot lime water mixed with salt to douch the vegina And taking postinor Can it prevent pregnancyis there side effect I had unprotected sex with my girl on monday and she ovulate on Tuesday.taken postinor on Thursday will work out, Hi, can a virgin get pregnant at the point of ejaculation through withdrawal method of an unprotected sex? Quinine as emergency contraceptive is very popular among ladies especially in Nigeria. And also took on Monday and Tuesday Susannah is the mother of two children and has also lost two pregnancies to miscarriage. You're most . Buy Postinor or postpill and take at once. Good morning doc i met my boyfriend 8days after my period.Is there any possibility of of me becoming pregnant? I had sex on the 3rd of January, pls am I safe and can I still use postinor. Meanwhile, some Australian researchers have come out to say that lemon juice is capable of destroying sperm from the female system. It sounds serious, but endometrial ablation is actually minimally invasive, relatively painless, and fast. sorry i get you question now. good day doctor, I and my girlfriend had unprotected sex and she bled though I did not ejaculate in her is there any possibility that she can get pregnant or I infected with Std ? $$ please I need a reply now.
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