Yu-tong survives and goes to the hospital. If his killer is a vigilante, the person may want him to stop being an influence to people who tries to imitate him. She lives to shoot the killer thereby saving Helen. He kills his own senior Yao Ya-cih to prove to her that he become the most relevant individual she knows. CopyCat in action. But Demme shot his film as if it were ordinary life and his characters were as common as eccentric in-laws. These taunts, on top of Ya-cihs words that he is a nobody pushes He-ping off the edge and he starts to ramble on about his murders and how there is no one as unique as him. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); 1) The Last Of Us Episode 5 Recap & Review, 2) The Interest Of Love Episode 16 Recap, Review & Ending Explained, 6) Crash Course in Romance Episode 9 Recap & Review, 8) Magic Mikes Last Dance Ending Explained, 10) You Season 4 Episode 1 Recap & Review. The killer Noh keeps threatening society, and apparently, the law is unable to catch him. Thats when Kuo appears as a guest in his show. 'Copycat Killer' Episode 6: Ending Explained - Will Jian Wun And Jian Ho Survive The Car Crash? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. People and police officers think that the serial killers are dead and gone forever. SPOILERS AHEAD. "Copycat Killer" Episode eight, has Kuo concluding that the mastermind is Chen He-Ping, the ex-colleague of Ya-Cih. Kuo is taken back into prison to serve his sentence while Yan-jhen promises Kuo that she will keep in touch with him. Set in 1997, the show is about a serial killer on the loose. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor http//www.youtube.com/editor Things mostly gone back to normal and after Hsiao-chi gets out of prison, it turns out he has become a public defender and helps those in need. Helen, meanwhile, suffers from agoraphobia and lives in an alcohol- and drug-induced haze that is broken by latenight video-viewings and periodic chats on the Internet. If the killer isnt a vigilante, they might be another self-centered person who wants to be in the spotlight. Or was knocked unconscious. Shen Jia-wun is obsessed with the figure of his dead sister, the one his mother wanted to keep alive by forcing him to look like a girl. What Happens to Madam Cha? He-pings modus operandi changes after the death of Jia-wun, because he is now the only one left in the group, and he feels that the stage is ready for him to take it as well. Just as Kuo Hsiao-chi grows confident that Cun-yi must have had some accomplice in his crime, reports of more young women going missing start to crop up, confirming that there is a serial killer on the loose. Copycat Killer Ending Explained | Netflix Copycat Killer | Copycat Killer Season 1, UlTiMaTe ChAnGe FoR LiFe, 08:52, PT8M52S, 12.18 MB, 519, 6, 0, 2023-04-02 00:22:01, 2023-04-11 03:44:27, Find the Words to Your Favorite Songs, live-proxy.mos.org Copycat Killer begins with a masked serial killer, referred to as Noh, sending a tape to a renowned television news channel named TNB, threatening to kill prosecutor Kuo Hsiao-chi. Gradually, as the series progresses and more characters are introduced, the first suspicion of being Tian Cun-yis accomplice falls on a young man named Jian-ho. As the boy kept growing up with his single mother, Pei-fen, he was regularly made to dress up and act like a girl by the woman. I wished for He-ping to be traumatised in the same way that he traumatised his victims. His mother, suffering from depression after his sisters birth, went off the deep end after she died as a baby and started to force Jia-wun, also named after his sister, to dress like a girl and essentially take over her place. It is You-wei who convinces the head prosecutor to give Hsiao-chi a chance to prove his belief and a trap is set up. The crime series comes to an end when Kuo tries to catch the serial killer. COPYCAT Copycat Killer Ending Explained: All of your questions, answered! The late 90s was a time when television media was already on the rise as a source of information as well as sensationalizing; this arrest is covered extensively by newspapers and channels. Every time this ghost appears in Jia-wuns imaginary vision, the man loses all grasp over reality and attacks and kills whoever is in front of him in an attempt to kill the ghost. Things are moving forward for the other characters as Kuo and Yan-jhen develop a close friendship while he is in prison. While frustration grows, Chen He-ping keeps acting as an undisturbed TV star, provoking the law and the prosecutors office. Hsiao-chi is still in prison but he keeps in constant contact with Yan-jhen and seems to be doing much better than before. Since He-ping becomes the hottest subject in the community, the person may want to push the former into oblivion so that he can replace the serial killer in the limelight. You can unsubscribe at any time. Although this place seemed to just be a video store selling and renting adult films, a space in the underground was also used as a place for live performances in which women would be kept bound and tortured for the sexual entertainment of club patrons. Answer: She was shown with the vest on before going out that night. With Kuo trying to find more information on the case, which has been closed by his team, he has to have realized that a lot of things don't make any sense now in retrospect. However, when He-ping kills his ex-partner, with whom he had just mended his relationship too, Hsiao-chi cannot hold himself back. Pei-fen still wanted to hold on to the memory of her dead daughter Jia-wun, and in order to do this, she gave her son the same name and forced him to be like a girl. What seems even more suspicious is the fact that Jian-ho is regularly seen keeping in touch with Jia-wun, even visiting his house and checking up on him. Welcome to the Ending Explained for Copycat Killer, a new Netflix crime series coming straight from Taiwan. Set in the Songyan area of Taiwan, the series follows prosecutor Kuo Hsiao-chi as he sets out to solve a case of ongoing serial killings and catch the perpetrator before it is too late. During this time, Ya-cih had asked He-ping to prepare a report on an illegal pornography ring in the northern districts of the country. He-ping is shocked at Kuos attitude shift and asks to take some calls in the meantime. Answer: She lives to shoot the killer thereby saving Helen. After shooting at He-ping, Kuo waits in the parking lot where the cops arrive. Anyone could have killed He-ping. Although Cun-yi tries to tell the truth to the authorities, he fears for his father too, and ultimately reveals his innocence only before killing himself. You-wei, in the presence of the lead prosecutor, calls up the show and pretends as if he is the real serial killer, Noh. Yan-jhen has become a broadcasting reporter and tries to use her voice for the good of a fastly developing society. He started to like how much power he had over the photographer, especially after he asked the photographer to admit to killing his father if he wanted his father to live. Doctor Cha Episodes 5 & 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Jeong-Suk Find Out Who Choi Eun-Seos Father Is? While Jian-ho died pretty soon and for no fault of his own, I wish there was some sort of a callback for that innocent character in the season finale. However, there is an angle of drama in all this as well, as Jian-ho was Yun-hueis younger brother, and the woman refuses to believe that he could be involved in murders, even though Jian-ho did have a history of being severely bullied in his high school days. The prosecutor concludes that Cun-yi isnt the real killer of the girl and whoever it is, he is a serial killer. He meets Kuo and lets him know that the serial killer who spoke to him sounded older, more mature, and more composed than Jia-wun. The images on Auralcrave or similar could be downloaded and edited ondepositphotos.com. Breaking down at his friends loss, he vows revenge on He-ping, who has destroyed too many lives in the past few months. On his way out of the courtroom, there is a mob of protestors against the serial killer. When He-ping kills Yun-huei, Kuo, the reporters ex-boyfriend, beats him up and shoots at him. Her partner (Mulroney) wears outlandish ties and tries to feed her sushi instead of Big Macs. He-ping has killed at least four women and a relative of one of them can be the anonymous murderer. She only plays dead. jyuns The serial killer calls the old man and tells him that if he wants to see his granddaughter alive, he needs to act like a dog in public. Doctor Cha Episode 7 Preview: When, Where and How to Watch! The work of all the leads, especially Hunter, is uniformly good. Kuo battles his own traumas and loses to find the serial killer, who communicates with the investigators and his victims families through a news channel named TNB. Also, Kuos uncle tells him that TNB anchor Chen He-ping asked him about the prosecutor and talked to him about a book about the serial killer and his murders. If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page.. Clock Ending Explained: Does Ella Get Pregnant or Dies at the End? He-ping is stumped by Mr Mas wisdom and claims that Yi-jyun too was smart like the old man, indirectly claiming he had interacted with the deceased victim. He-ping kills the renowned journalist Ya-cih because she had always suspected a dark side in him and had then gone on to question his serial-killer psyche. The prosecutor arranges for a man to call the program and claims to be the serial killer since it will hurt the reporter. Of course, this ends in the prosecutor being sent to jail and He-ping gaining sympathy from the ordeal. He wants to be the man in control, which boosts his superiority complex. While Mr. Kuo investigates, we start having our suspects too, and already in the middle of the series, we understand who the serial killer is: Shen Jia-wun, the DJ working at the Kink, a boy with a tough childhood, during which he has always been neglected as a son from his mother, who always wanted him to be a girl. She said something like makes my wonder bra obsolete. A number of bad people use He-mask pings to do bad things. When He-ping kills Yun-huei, his ex-boyfriend Kuo beats the reporter up and fires a gun at him. He-ping has gotten a lot of people to give up on law and order and embrace chaos. Separate from membership, this is to get updates about mistakes in recent releases. The police and the prosecutors office are collaborating, and Mr. Kuo, the prosecutor following this case, is putting a lot of effort into finding the killer. Copycat Killer Episode 10 Explained. This leads him to Hu Jian-ho, the brother of his ex-girlfriend Hu Yun-huei and a TNB cameraman. The Chinese-language Taiwanese series Copycat Killer on Netflix is directed by Chang Jung-chi and Henri Chang. They have Yu-tong (one of the kidnapped girls, the police officers daughter) inside the trunk. Thus, he arranged for You-wei to call in as the killer in order to provoke He-pings ego and himself accused him of being irrelevant. However, before the police can find and catch him, Jia-wun drives away with Jian-ho and his latest victim inside the car. Kuo has to deal with his own traumas and fails to catch the serial . This riles the broadcaster up as He-ping confesses to his crimes on live television. Hsiao-chi knew that thanks to He-pings narcissism, he wont be able to accept any criticisms against his work that he holds to high and mighty. Chen He-Ping had created a huge ring that was somehow kept under wraps, and no one knew about it except the few boys who kidnapped women for him. ** 1/2 He asks Chen He-ping to be invited to his show, and his request is accepted. A great conclusion was seeing that all the other survivors involved in the case are now leading seemingly normal lives with He-ping dead. The series follows a hard-headed but empathetic prosecutor who will stop at nothing to get to the bottom of a slew of serial killings wherein the killer will stop at nothing to manipulate the victims, their families, the police as well as the media in order to make his horrible work a media sensation. The news agencies are playing another video that Noh had sent around where he asks the public to vote who they were in support of, Noh or Kuo. In The End, 'Copycat' Runs Out Of Plot Fri., Oct. 27, 1995 By Dan Webster danw@spokesman.com There are only so many ways that you can exploit the now-familiar theme of serial killers stalking. A well-known lawyer named Chen Hung-Liang shows up to have a chat with Kuo to discuss how he plans to proceed with the investigation against Jian Wun. This video is of a masked man calling himself Noh and threatening to kill a woman while also challenging prosecutor Kuo Hsiao-chi to stop him if he can. Jian-ho assaulted a girl at the age of fifteen and the girl had a similar lipstick mark on her face. But, is Prosecutor Kuo Hsiao-chi able to bring justice to this sordid mystery? She was shown with the vest on before going out that night. SPOILERS AHEAD. By proposing theories and pretending to be protective of his victims family members, he makes everybody else a fool in his mind. After all she was shot more than once. He-ping then continues to kill for feeling superior and potent. He tries to keep his calm despite being instigated by his interviewer who was hoping to catch Kuo off guard based on his childhood trauma. First and foremost, He-ping is a narcissist. Credits: Directed by Jon Amiel, starring Sigourney Weaver, Holly Hunter, Dermot Mulroney, Will Patton and Harry Connick Jr. See full article at Film Fugitives . After getting arrested, He-ping gets sentenced to life imprisonment. By navigating this website, you agree to use cookies. Based on a script by Ann Biderman and David Madsen, Amiel attempts to follow - to copycat, so to speak - the footsteps that Jonathan Demme took in making his Oscar-winning adaptation of The Silence of the Lambs. While never ignoring the fact that his film involves murder, Amiel spends more time than usual developing his characters. Manage Settings Copycat Killer Ending, Explained - Netflix's crime thriller series " Copycat Killer " brings back the nostalgia of the 90s crime genre. From that moment, he became the puppet master who drove Shen Jia-wun into the murders. He kills his own senior Yao Ya-cih to prove to her that he become the most relevant individual she knows. There is no way Kuo can prove the man accused, and in that process, he ends up losing Yu Huei. A flashback reveals that the senior prosecutor general had convinced Kuo to play along where he would make a fake call to TNB News Headquarters. After all she was shot more than once. Answer: I thought that it was Peter Kurten (Foley) that broke in and left the book. I really wished for Kuo to find his happy ending with Yan-jhen and from the looks of it, he seems to be getting just that. Along with following the prosecutors office, we also regularly follow a news television channel called TNB, and Jian-ho happens to be a photographer at this place. Heres what other critics say about Copycat: He doesnt want to be a forgotten star yet, so he says on live TV that he is the real serial killer. In the John Griffin-created drama, the horrors are very literal and probably supernatural: Its characters are unwilling citizens of a town they physically cannot leave, which is besieged by. He thinks that the people around him are so weak that they have to beg him for help even after he has hurt them. From the beginning of Copycat Killer, there are suggestions that something dark had taken place during Hsiao-chi childhood, and now we get the full extent of it. But When Mr. Kuo talks with him from jail, we immediately suspect his confession is fake.if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[580,400],'auralcrave_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_4',109,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-auralcrave_com-large-leaderboard-2-0'); The girls involved in the cases share some similarities: they all have complicated relationships with their parents and often go to a dance club, the Kink. Running time: 2:03 Thats when Kuo comes on his show as a guest. We are just after the middle of the series, and apparently, the killer is dead. They took a girl from where the DJ worked at KINK. Sourya keeps an avid interest in all sorts of films, history, sports, videogames and everything related to New Media. We clearly see Shen Jia-wun torturing the girls in the middle of the series, so we have no doubt hes the killer.if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[580,400],'auralcrave_com-leader-1','ezslot_5',108,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-auralcrave_com-leader-1-0'); When the investigations are getting closer, Shen Jia-wun takes his childhood friend Hu Jian-Ho in his car, and they drive away together. He wants us to accept his characters as real people caught up in exceptional circumstances. The Chinese-language Taiwanese series "Copycat Killer" on Netflix is directed by Chang Jung-chi and Henri Chang. The suspect is confirmed when a new murder occurs: Ms. Ya-Cih, the reporter of TNB news channel. The reporter strangled her to death so he could see how helpless and scared Cun-yi was, which made him stronger. 1. He-ping sits with them in the TV studio and sees that they cant have children. The next day, Kuo gets a letter from Yong. But why did He-ping commit these crimes? Paul Pioneer Press: Copycat succeeds because the hunter and the hunted are both equally intelligent and because the puzzle becomes more interesting as the pieces come together. As the video is played on screens all over the area, on private televisions as well as public screens, we are taken back eight weeks, when the matter had originally begun. Kuo notices that the thumb of the hand is dislocated the same way a murdered girls thumb is found. Several criminals use He-pings mask to commit crimes. She seems to have sunk to the ground after having shot the killer. Although he follows the killers instructions, the latter still kills the girl and sends a videotape of him murdering her to the former. While revealing that he is the real killer, He-ping doesnt realize that he is confessing to the crimes. After initially reporting on the matter, He-ping had found perverse excitement at the place, and it was here that he had met with Shen Jia-wun and Tian Cun-yi. Too, theres an inclusive feel to Amiels work that almost leisurely forces us to see how these crimes exist in the larger world. He-ping is ultimately stabbed to death by a masked man while being taken to court, and it is clear that the violence he had perpetrated in society had now worked against him. The unauthorized use and the copy of contents without express authorization is forbidden. Kuo thinks about the killer always using TNB to talk to the public and how He-ping described Cun-yis victim as the first victim of the serial killer in his book, especially when the similarities between the dislocated thumbs didnt get publicized. Kuo meets him at his prison and gives him thumb cuffs, only for the criminal to struggle to open the same. Yan-jhen pays Kuo a visit to the correction facility and tells him that both Yong and Yu-tong are recovering. Mr. Kuo is devastated; he confronts Chen He-ping, beats him, and fires a shot in his direction. He started to cherish the control he had over the photographer, especially when he asked the latter to confess to the murder if he wanted his father to stay alive. The boy had believed that the lender would just create a scene and embarrass his father, but he could not imagine that one thing would lead to another, and the moneylender would end up murdering both his parents and his younger sister. While his colleagues were already quite judgmental of Hsiao-chi, this situation gets worse when the man catches a fellow prosecutor from his office, Syu You-wei, involved in profiteering and gets him arrested. He meets Kuo and tells him that the serial killer who talked to him sounded older, more mature, and more calm than Jia-wun. Rating: R. 2. Yong has become accepting of Yu-tongs choices. It is about a prosecutor named Kuo Hsiao-chi, who tries to find the serial killer who kidnaps and kills several young girls in the city of Songyan in the 1990s. That was when He-ping got connected with Jia-wun, a regular at Sodom at the time. But this serial killer has no clear-cut motive for the investigating officers to trace him down and make an arrest. The Season Finale of Copycat Killer goes back in time to when Kuo was interviewed to be a prosecutor. Copycat Killercloses with a happy ending that has explained the meaning of the events: months later, Noh is, in fact, forgotten, proving that he wasnt that important to society; the girls who survived him now have a good relationship with their parents. ** 1/2 Things get interesting when the killer targets Helen. With Ya-Cih and Kuo on the same path to find out the mastermind behind Jian Wun's murder and rape spree, they come across plenty of footage of the man wearing a mask who called himself Noh. Set in '90s Taipei, Copycat Killer follows the first-ever serial murder case. An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. Copycat (1995) Rated R For Violence and Language 110 minutes Cast Sigourney Weaver as Helen Hudson Holly Hunter as M. J. Monahan Dermot Mulroney as Ruben Goetz Harry Connick Jr. as Daryll Lee Cullum William McNamara as Peter Foley Written by David Madsen Ann Biderman Directed by Jon Amiel Breaking down at his friend's loss, he vows revenge on He-ping, who has destroyed too many lives . During that time, his father owed some money to a lender, who had been asking for it back for quite some time. After being caught, He-ping is given a life sentence in prison. In the tenth episode, Hsiao-chi, after getting some well-versed advise from Mr Ma, decides to go to He-pings show in order to confront him covertly and let him expose himself as a killer. His murderous instincts came out when he was a child, especially when he burned down his pet dog alive. I wanted the show to live up to its title and reveal a copycat killer who was trying to gain attention by mimicking Noh/He-pings actions. Sigourney Weaver survives; Holly Hunter kills William McNamara. The prosecution urges the public to avoid paying attention to Nohs videos while He-ping holds debate after debate to bring the prosecution further down. If you are up for a detailed take on the same, heres what we can share! The more interesting killer, anyway, is the calculating hillbilly menace played by Connick, who remains behind bars for the better part of two hours after a horrific opening sequence. 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