The highest bidder shall be the buyer and if a dispute arises between two or more recognized bidders, the auctioneer shall decide the buyer or immediately put the item up for sale again. Condition: The workings are functional and music can be playe, Nice oak cabinet Regina automatic changing disc upright music box. Basque Pocket Auto 380 Bronco 1918 Semi-Auto Pistol Bufalo Automatic Pistol Colonial .32 Cal. When emailing or calling sellers direct, please mention that you saw their listing on Zettlemoyer Auction Co., LLC is providing internet pre-auction and live bidding as a service to Bidder. A COPY OF THE RECEIVING FFL MUST BE FAXED TO 815-232-1554 BEFORE THE GUN(S) WILL BE SHIPPED. Does any one know what manufacture this is? 100 north for 2 blocks, then left at traffic light one full block and left onto Nursery St. (the street behind Cracker Barrel) (We are just 2 miles west of the Lehigh Valley Exit off of the Northeast Extension of the PA Turnpike - I-476) We are easily found by GPS or Google Maps or Map Quest., If this is your first visit, be sure to WHERE DO I FIND THEM PLEASE. Its .32 caliber need magazine bad or advice on can I modify one either a Ruby by cutting the bottom and shortening and restoring the floor plate or something else. This pistol has ~80% of its original finish. Auction is held for your convenience at our Auction Center at 820 Nursery St. Fogelsville, PA 18051. it works perfectly everything original and is complete, has the magazine which holds 9 bullets everything original no new parts..anyone interested in buying it, if so give me an offer. own to figure out what you want. Any idea where I might find one. Serial number- 10496. Read more. Does not come with a magazine. Condition:(Very Good - Excellent).Largest Box: 15" x 5. It still shoots well. LOT OF 3: THREE STORE DISPLAY BOXES OF SPACE PISTOLS . Internet bidders who desire to make certain their bid is acknowledged should use the proxy-bidding feature and leave their maximum bid 24 hours before the auction begins. The magazine spring still has tension and will hold 6 rounds of .25 ACP as originally intended. Bids cannot be retracted using this feature. A stainless steel automatic bracelet watch Milgauss, Ref: 116400GV, Purchased 20th April IWC. Area Code: 860. XXX. For sale is a Regina Automatic Pistol semi automatic pistol in .25 ACP. in 1989. Coin-operated. Those factories produced a bunch of different pistols in .25 and .32. If there is a NICS delay, you will need to contact the FFL Dealer to make arrangements. Your email address will not be published. generous return policy, and handle everything you dont have to go back to Munda Auctions shall endeavor to describe in detail each item and any pertinent information about it. Zettlemoyer Auction Company, LLC. Our fax # of 815-232-1554. I have a Gabilondo y Urresti(Cia?) Run as many reports as you like for 21 days. If I recall, it keyholes when fired. This auction is for a Cal. part of our network, we sell THEIR guns first whenever possible. AutoCheck found I got it for $75. 32 ACP is a relatively small caliber, so it might not be the best choice if you are looking for stopping power. community. Once playing it will not stop, not sure why. Invoices will be emailed within 6 hrs of the end of the auction. 10 x 7 1/2 inches, Regina automatic changer standing music player. NOTE! floral motif. Beretta 3032 Tomcat Covert .32 ACP Semi Auto Pistol 2.9" Threaded Barrel 7 Round. I just inherited a 25 caliber automatic pistol which is the brand in the title. ALL SALES ARE ABSOLUTELY FINAL ON THE DAY OF SALE. NEW ? Thank you Ian for this information. Has original Bakelite grips and appropriate grip. or anyone else if the internet service fails to work correctly before or during the live auction. S/N IS 53045. Your credit card that you registered with will be charged, actual shipping charges (inside the continental U.S.) PLUS a $25 handling fee FOR EACH gun. Hope means Esperanza in Spanish, the surname of Juan Esperanza Salvador, one of the founders of Esperanza y Unceta, later Astra. My Ruby is a bit longer at the front and rear of the slide, seems to have identical grips and controls as the standard ruby but has no internal hammer. Under no circumstances shall Bidder have any kind of claim against Munda Auctions or anyone else if the Internet service fails to work correctly before or during the live auction. Or EL Browse a wide variety of calibers for semi auto handguns from reputable firearm brands to choose from at i HAVE A PROTECTORSpamped Spain. Zettlemoyer Auction Company, LLC. Does not come with a magazine. The word SPAIN is stamped near the Magazine well. Aug 1, 2010. Not sure how he got it. Our offerings come from trusted manufacturers including Hornady, Aguila, and Federal. I am hoping to have it thoroughly cleaned and lubricated, then I will make grips for it. System and current standard industry practice. I have a .25 cal pistol named the Vencedor manufactured by De Armas, Durango. Rolex. PA. Just west of Allentown, PA take exit 45B north off of I-78 onto Rt. Minimum price for the offer must be greater than 0% of the Product. WITH THE INITIALS AZ is from (Espagne) check out the, Welcome to the Pennsylvania Firearm Owners Association Forum, we hope you like what you find here and we strongly encourage you to. Automatic pistol definition, a type of pistol having a mechanism that throws out the empty shell, puts in a new one, and prepares the pistol to be fired again. Grips are missing. Modern Guns = 90-99%; Old Guns = 80-99% Spend your time enjoying the gun you want, not getting frustrated with a complex website that makes gun buying hard. Regina 7.65mm pistol & magazine (9) 1. stamped on left of slide 2. stamped on right of slide. I am looking for a trigger bar. I am trying to find 2 or 3 magazines for it. 50573. I believe it to be a Spanish Officers side arm around 105 years ago. This little semi-auto in .25 acp. I have a 1st line Veritable EXPRESS for the 7.65cartridge/2nd line THE BEST AUTOMATAQUEPISTOL EXPRESS below that there is an <<<<<sleepy hallow rapper concert, wayne newton daughters, brandon nakashima tennis recruiting,
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