Or you can flip flop. Find a job that will give you at least a couple of days a week to do just that. Fixed term contract +1. I recommend you check job listings and post an online resume on multiple sites to increase your chances of finding the best job for you. Great article. Or are you thinking about traveling full-time but unsure where to find work? So far this summer we have white water rafted, fly fished, hiked, kayaked, camped out, saw beautiful scenery, and more. Come be a Campground Host in the cool, clean Rocky Mountains northwest of Boulder, Colorado! It varies by host site, but hosts help oversee camper registration, help keep the campground clean, and perform other related tasks. Black Hawk, CO 80422 +13 locations. Con: You work with your partner Not everyone is meant to work closely with the person they also share everything else with. Managing the sales process from proposal through post Posted 30+ days ago Head Campground Host American Prairie Remote in Montana $16 an hour Temporary Wed appreciate it if you would Subscribe to our YouTube Channel (easy to do right here) and consider ringing the bell icon to be notified of any new video from us. For anyone, work camping couples or otherwise, working at a campground or resort will require you to fit into a certain niche of job offerings. Soft and comfortable for your RVing adventures! Thoroughly enjoyed reading the whole way through. WorkampingJobs.com is a participant in various affilliate programs that are designed to provide a means for sites like ours to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products available through their websites. There are a lot of workamping positions for couples out there but there are just as many workamping couples out there too. Mostly they are pleasant people enjoying themselves. You might also be a solo work camper or someone who is traveling and working alone. Workamper News (also known as Workamper) is the first website to help RVers find temporary work. FREE RV Spot 30 or 50 amp. A good hotspot connection or cell booster is a must as even those parks that tout their connectivity can have issues. Get a game plan in mind for what compensation will be beneficial to you working as a couple. Pay raises during the season and bonuses arent unheard of in the work camping world. Rocky Mountain Recreation Company https://rockymountainrec.com/contact/job-opportunities. Make sure youre both satisfied with the campground jobs. Solo travelers might also want to look into more state-specific locations. formId: '6226a0f17e7ec064e82a14d0', Seasonal Parks Officer Government of the Northwest Territories 3.8 of Interior while we were visiting in Sedona, AZ. Monday to Friday +5. Workampingjobs.com is another free website that was created for RVers by RVers. Check out The Ultimate Guide to: Workamping for RVers for more information on what workamping actually is and Types of Campground Workamping Jobs for all the different ways you can workamp. Hopefully, we will have no regrets for the time we spent here and will move on to another location for more adventures. Florida Parks with Vacancy for Snowbirds THIS WINTER! Work Camping Couple Snake River Cabins & RV Village Jackson, WY Full Time Posted 5 hours ago Camp Host / Host Couple Portneuf Bend Campground Heres a link to some of the different types of workamping jobs so you can see what types of positions you can expect when being hired for jobs as a traveling couple. Hours per week to work: 24 to 28 hours per person per week. At this time, campgrounds are having difficulty finding people to work so the demand is high and the pay is good. To apply for this job email your details to erinleenielsen@gmail.com. Also, if you see a job listed that you might like to do, don't hesitate to ask if they would take a single or solo worker. You can easily view whats immediately available before diving into a deeper search. If you are interested in more details regarding Workamping Opportunities at Arrowhead Point Campground & Cabins, please contact Management at 719-395-2323 or email at reservations@arrowheadpointresort.com. These positions usually are short-term in or around October and pay well for a short amount of time. How much work campers make depends on the position. But, finding work for a single person, where your spouse or partner has another job outside the campground or chooses not to work, is not impossible. Depending on the position, you might need a strong back, computer knowledge, or even some ability to be a great customer service representative for the campground that you work for. Get PAID $12.56/hr. Coolworks.com https://www.coolworks.com/, Workers on Wheels https://www.work-for-rvers-and-campers.com/, Working Couples https://workingcouples.com/, Lower Colorado River Authority in Texas https://www.lcra.org/parks/park-host/, Recreation Resource Management https://camprrm.com/jobs/, American Land & Leisure http://www.americanll.com/job-description. If you are the manager of a RV park and need help you are welcome to place a FREE Ad on this website. You will spend your entire day off just getting to town and back running necessary errands. ColoradoMountainRanch.com. I helped to build the fence. Dont be afraid to tout any skills you have in your resume. window.fd('form', { You might find work in a cafe, as a park host, or answer questions at historic sites. Feel free to browse the ads or submit a free ad or resum today! You may be surprised to learn that there are other jobs for couples out there that do not involve a campground. This website was highly recommended by others RVers in response to a post in our RV Lifestyle Facebook group. First time looking for workamping jobs as a couple? A lot of people just starting out have concerns about this very subject. Read this first. Manage Settings Camp Hosting jobs for couples will provide a lot more workload sharing as working couples are often hired on a volunteer basis. Its best to put your mind at, Where Can I Go? This article will help you find the Best Work Camping Jobs for RV Couples and more! CO, Arapaho, Clear Creek, Cold Springs, Camp Host. Gorgeous views and world class outdoor recreation. couples campground jobs jobs Sort by: relevance - date 21 jobs Hospitality Manager, Campground new Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities 3.0 Wasaga Beach, ON Estimated at $46.4K-$58.7K a year Full-time Weekend availability + 1 They home schooled the children and the kids were getting an experience that other children might never get. These businesses really want people with a good work ethic and a positive outlook. We did get paid even for the hours it took to get to the job site. We are seeking a retired couple to fill summer positions as campground hosts.This is a full-time summer seasonal position. We have found, even with just a few jobs under our belts that the more experience we gain, the more we know what we want to do and dont want to do at our next jobs. What do camp hosts do? This site is not affiliated with nor endorsed by the owners of the trademarked word "Workamper". Duties to include but not limited to cleaning cabins, bathrooms, jeeps. Campground Owners are allowed to place a notice here for RVers to find work. Jobs for couples come in all forms. Sharing the workload, work camping couples are often asked to check guests in or clean up after guest departure. We worked that for 9 months. Prepare for the interview as you would for any job interview. One can help with maintenance around the park while the other can answer calls and make reservations. Campground Hosting is often meant for shared duties so as a campground host workamping couple, you will be relying on each other to get the job done. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. Youre a team and you can use your knowledge of each other to become a perfect fit for a multitude of jobs! Even if it is a volunteer position, there are still a number of others waiting for the same jobs. Continue with Recommended Cookies, Colorado Work Camping Jobs | Work Camper Jobs | Camp Host JobsColorado Camping Jobsif(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'happyvagabonds_com-box-3','ezslot_0',161,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-happyvagabonds_com-box-3-0');.slick-slider#wpsp-4394{margin-left:0}.slick-slider#wpsp-4394 .wp-show-posts-inner{margin-left:1em;margin-right:1em}#wpsp-4394.wpsp-card .wp-show-posts-single{margin-bottom:2em}.slick-slider#wpsp-4394 .wp-show-posts-single{margin-bottom:0}#wpsp-4394 .wp-show-posts-inner{color:#595959}#wpsp-4394 .wp-show-posts-entry-title a{color:red}#wpsp-4394 .wp-show-posts-entry-title a:hover{color:#a74100}#wpsp-4394 .wp-show-posts-entry-meta{color:#595959}#wpsp-4394 .wp-show-posts-read-more,#wpsp-4394 .wp-show-posts-read-more:visited{background:#fffea4;border-color:#a74100;color:#a74100}#wpsp-4394 .wp-show-posts-read-more:hover,#wpsp-4394 .wp-show-posts-read-more:focus{background:#222;border-color:#a74100;color:#fff}.wp-show-posts-columns#wpsp-4394{margin-left:-2em}.wp-show-posts-columns#wpsp-4394 .wp-show-posts-inner{margin:0 0 2em 2em}Glen Echo Resort Has Several Positions Available For This Summer In ColoradoCOLORADO OPPORTUNITIES. Sometimes the cost of the site is free. There are exceptions, of course, but theres a wide range of campground jobs for couples that most people can find something in their wheelhouse. But once you enter the RV resort world, a lot of jobs for couples are corporately managed and will require each person have a designated position. All of these can be learned and many of these positions utilize on-the-job training so if you pick up a skill quickly, you will fit right in. . The job requires a 10-12 hour shift of packing, picking, stowing, and receiving packages. Some owners/managers pay bonuses to couples who stay until the end of the season. Many require more specialized skills such as traveling nurses, red cross workers, construction workers, IT coders, FEMA workers, and many more. It turned out the be a good job with top salary and benefits, like going on free tours, because we sold the tours in the office. Offering your skills to a campground or resort while they offer you a place to stay and sometimes even a paycheck. The Cradle of Forestry https://cfaia.org. I am still living in a Big Horn 5th Wheel and loving it! These are the most recent work camping jobs for "couples" or RVing duos. Located in Chimney Rock Colorado off highway 160 between mile markers 124 and 125. Volunteer.gov is a website that lists volunteer jobs for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Forest Service, National Parks Service, Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Geological Survey, National Resource Conservation Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. If you also have to go home to them where the space has all of the sudden shrank to the size of a school bus, you may not always be prepared for that shift. What will they ask me? Treat Workamping as you would any other job, be prepared and put your best foot forward. Some allow you to move from resort to resort based on the summer and winter weather. You will also likely be doing a phone or Zoom interview. Please enable JavaScript to continue. Note: The word Workamper is a registered trademark of Workamper News. Copyright 2023 RV Lifestyle. (303) 442-4557. lynn@coloradomountainranch.com. RVing is not cheap. Make sure workamping as a couple is actually what you want to do. This makes campsite jobs for couples an easy gig to get into! Apartment Managers- Working couples are often hired to manage apartment complexes, handling resident concerns and taking care of maintenance schedules and rental deadlines. A campsite is provided in the campground free of charge, with 30am . However, it truly is an abundant resource for working couples wanting to see the country. Workamping at the Grand Canyon: Workamping for the Grand Canyon Conservancy means helping further their mission to preserve and enhance the Grand Canyon National Park! Many happy campers would like to spend time working in a campground or at a vacation resort or tourist attraction. Below is a quick outline of our program: 2023 Season: May to October -we can have some flexibility on exact dates but hope to have coverage of most of this time frame. There are plenty of RV jobs for couples, as well as jobs for traveling couples and working couples. Project work is completed Mon-Thurs. But, if you like RVing, are flexible and adventurous, work camping could be a great way to finance your travels. AZ 85219 Using Google Forms to hire work campers? Thank you for your time and consideration- we look forward from hearing from you. For couples, this position is mostly offered on a volunteer basis. The positions are salaried and include a newly. Most job applications require a resume and references. We worked with Carol at Grand Tetons two years earlier. The government wants campground host to spend summers just hosting a campground and there are a few agencies who can use you. Consider becoming a virtual assistant, freelance graphic designer, or web designer. These jobs usually are in October and November and then could require take-down of the decorations in January. Working Campground Couple. Nothing like getting frustrated with your partner over the radio for everyone to witness. Of course, there are situations such as a family emergency where you have no choice but to leave. However we get RV enthusiasts looking for other high ranking areas on our site and they notice the RV jobs wanted list. I have seen this happen before where one part of the workamping couple was happy and helpful while their significant was less than impressed and often led the team to fall behind. The Sugar Beet Harvest- an Unbeetable Experience: The annual Sugar Beet Harvest migration of RVers starts after the end of the Summer Camping season when Labor Day celebrations are just dwindling down. If you are considering RV life, it may be worth it to talk to your boss about working remotely in your RV. You navigate life together on many different occasions. At one of our recent work camping positions, we were fortunate enough to get our laundry free, as well as a professional rig wash every six weeks or so. Work campers can also work a certain number of hours for their site and then get any other hours paid outright. The Sugar Beet Harvest occupies two main areas in the Midwest which include Sidney, Montana and theRed River Valley. Copyright @ 2022 Kamper Jobs (Kamp Life, LLC). Pro: There are tons of work camping jobs for couples. Once we were on the rode and looked up the want ads online. summer; Alden Camps Resort Maine. When we first started interviewing for Workamping jobs we really had no idea what we were doing. It was somewhat physically draining, requiring some 12-14 hour days. RVjobListings.com, Please, be honest with the employer, no matter what the situation, before you leave. Singles can work these jobs too. Lets say you are required to work 24 hours a week, 96 hours a month. I personally think this might not be the best thing all the time, but certainly for a couple of years it would be educational for the young ones. Theres also a range from summer positions to short-term all-season jobs and more! Work campers can also be camp hosts, helping campers at State and Federal parks across the nation. When I was raising my four children, I had a month vacation each year, so we would go camping and traveled to many places. For example, work camping jobs in California will likely pay you more than working in Alabama. The most popular pet-sitting apps and websites are: You can decide which platform best suits your needs by considering the fees, insurance coverage, and the process for matching. They are examples of how work camping is a great way to do short-term jobs in exchange for free places to stay and, usually, pay. While most of the openings are all across the US and Canada, you will also find couples jobs in Central America, the Caribbean, Europe and other locations. Provides timely response to certification or air quality service quotes from on site, walk in, phone, email, or faxed in Posted 30+ days ago Working at a campground can be very rewarding. Destin, Florida. I cant emphasize enough that any time you work camp, sticking with the job through the season is so important. If you decide to take a work camper position, you will sign a contract stating the terms of your agreement with the employer. You sign up and pay a fee. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive weekly job listings, or click here to start a new search. Con: Youll both be expected to carry your weight. Retirees dont have the pressure of working for a living in most cases. You can always find a job working out of your RV. Job Description. Go to the campground and pay the camping fee and spend a few nights to see how things look. For working couples, you are bringing your significant other to work with you (in most working couple situations). That helps us to narrow our focus a bit and have some patience to find the next right fit. This is also an option for working couples that may not necessarily want to work right on top of each other. Our ranking is mediocre in this category. It is almost double the benefit if your partner gets a paying gig! Ill rry to print it out as soon as the site allows me. For couples, the cool thing about workamping jobs at an RV resort or campground is that you get a chance to choose a position that works better for each of you. Scenic Canyons Recreational Servicesmanages Forest Service campground facilities throughout the Western United States https://www.sceniccanyons.com/apply-here.html. You simply create a profile, write a bio, select services youd offer, and the types of pets youd care for. Work camping, sometimes called workamping, can be a lot of things. I ran into RVers who were raising their children while on the road. Perfect long-sleeved shirt for the RV Lifestyle. Youre bringing an intimate knowledge of each other that most coworkers dont share and that will show through in your work as a work camping couple. DigiKey Workamping Jobs are located in Thief River Falls, MN just 70 miles south of the Canadian border and offers much for outdoor enthusiasts. Thats great because there are plenty of employers looking for energetic teams! G 5 hours ago . Hiring working couples allows them a great deal of bang for their buck. Its not every day you find a job that wants you to bring your partner along. Receiving a free campsite and amenities helps you and your husband or wife! West Harrison Reservations. Along the same vein, you can likely find work selling pumpkins or fireworks during the fall and summer seasons. There is always a need for volunteer Campground Host at Corp of Engineers facilities, USDA Forest Service and Public Lands across the nation and many State Parks. Skip to content Jobs Search. http://hoodoorecreation.com/hoodoo-recreation-employment. These are fairly lucrative jobs but also require the workers full attention through the holiday season. Our grandchildren would come stay with us during the summer, when we were withing striking range. Depending on the size and layout of your RV, it might be difficult to find a spot to work from that doesnt have to be set up and torn down on a regular basis. Typically 4 days on and 3 days off. Tons of valuable information with exactly what one is looking for and needing to know in order to guide them correctly from day one of their decision to enter into the world of full-time RV-ing. Youth Season Schedule Camping crews work Monday through Friday for 4 weeks, day crews work Monday through Thursday for 4 weeks. If there are no jobs listed, dont worry! Pro: Its a fantastic way to save money. One of the most common campground jobs for couples is camp host and maintenance. Colorado Jobs. However, it is still a great way to offset your traveling expenses based on how much time youre willing to work. Campground Host. We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. I know Ive said it before, but Ill keep saying it! One theyve taken seriously since 1932 and you can help contribute to your next workamping job this summer or next. AlaskaX- The Perfect Workamping Adventure! They do not require a high skill set, so they will not make you rich. Starting your own business can also be an answer to make money on the road. The site goes for a monthly rate of $1,500/96 which is about $15 per hour. Working couples are a campgrounds secret weapon against busy summer seasons or maintaining winter facilities, and there is a huge list of parks and campgrounds that hire workamping couples. It doesnt really require any special skills, Unless, youre offering dog training. Make sure to read Beginner Workamping Mistakes to make sure your search goes smoothly. Workamper Couples - Bring Your RV To Our Campground Job Duties: Housekeeper, Maintenance, Office Help, Groundskeeper, Pool, Security, General Labor Compensation: See ad text. We are looking for some help this coming summer, housekeeper, server, line-cook (some cooking experience required) Flexible start dates. We enjoyed working at Grand Teton Park RV Resort. French not required. You might take reservations, escort guests to their sites, clean sites or work in a retail store or restaurant on the property. These jobs arent usually difficult but do require a couple to work opposing 12 hour shifts which could be negative because you would never have time off together. There are numerous jobs that you can do on the road from your camper. Take the number of hours you are required to work and divide that by the sites monthly rate to get an hourly rate you would be paid instead of working for your site. RVers can trade a little labor for a free place to park, a salary or a combination of both. Our campground is in a quaint setting in the Roaring Fork Valley and has been an established campground for many years. Other positions are part-time with flexible hours. Health Conservation. Jerry and Cynthia Winegard designed WorkkampingJobs.com to allow businesses and RV workers to find each other for free. The campground at the Cheam Fishing Village offers 45 campsites by the majestic Fraser River. We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. Jobs for working couples can be intense for some who use work as a chance to get a little break from their amore. As a couple, you will be asked to manage campsites and guests. Other year-round job opportunities include tour guide, customer service, food service, campground maintenance, office work, camp general store clerk, and many other jobs. Light maintenance. Click the link below to submit your online resume and email your application to this employer. It was a relatively easy job and he got a lot of hiking in and other perks like tours to remote areas of the park. Ahtna, Inc. Glennallen, AK . Great blog!! If you make a purchase using our links in this article, we may make a commission. There is nothing like a Campground Owner waiting for a worker to arrive and the worker calls the day before to say that they will not be there. Many private RV parks and public campgrounds offer a free campsite and amenities (such as electricity) in exchange for a set number of work hours in the campground or at the general store. Click Here For More Information and to Sign Up, Post Your Work Camper or Camp Host Job For Free By Clicking Here. Workamping at a campground means you are already saving on costs for campsites. We created a 65+-page downloadable digital guide to help you understand the nuances that come with boondocking, the most common boondocking problems, and what you need to do to get your rig boondocking-ready.. Work campers who want to settle in two places during the year and have some serious management credibility on their resumes might want to look into these positions. That is why work camping, or a workamping job, is often called workamping. It is a vital resource for the workamping community since so many campgrounds offer jobs using this resource. Camp hosts often work at national, state, county, and municipal campgrounds and can be either volunteer or paid positions. Solo or single workers can also be of benefit to an employer who doesnt want the problem of personal issues invading the workplace. Get PAID $12.56/hr. Campground Jobs For Couples jobs Sort by: relevance - date 146 jobs Supportive management Selling digital ad inventory to outdoor companies and ad agencies wanting more exposure with campers. $2,000-$10,000 a month. Copyright @ 2022 Kamper Jobs (Kamp Life, LLC). But if you are working as a couple and one of you hates the job or is overall not very good at it, that will now affect your work too. One individual will be in the office doing all aspects of office work, while the other will be outside doing all aspects of property maintenance. It was less pay, but the thing that peeked my interest was that the job was to become a University Photographer. Volunteers generally work around 20 hours per week. They were building a swimming pool and needed a fence around the pool. It can be very connecting to watch your skills as a working couple come together to create an awesome environment for campground guests to enjoy. Note: The word Workamper is a registered trademark of Workamper News. Work camping jobs as a couple means you can work together with whatever skills each of you has. Jobs for individuals could include campground hosts, activity directors, raft guides, tour guides, lifeguards, RV tech, food service staff, and many more. They want you to visit and enjoy getting together. Here is a list of State Parks in the United States that welcome workampers! Active 5 days ago. Hiring multiple candidates. Work camping opportunities also allow you to meet people that will become your friends for life. Typically 4 days on and 3 days off. Parts break and many items need to be maintained, this program will show you how you can save time and money by gaining the confidence to take on the majority of the issues youll come across. Kamper Jobs is a FREE job board, with camp host and workamping jobs all over the U.S. But what happens when one of you is great at housekeeping or maintenance while the other is a trained biologist with a passion for aquatic life? These certainly arent unbreakable, but if you want to earn a reputation as excellent workers who are reliable, its often a good idea to stay for the duration. Campground jobs for couples saves money. Find one in a place you want to visit, and you can have a whole season of exploring that area. You will find hundreds of job listings on the website at several places across America.
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