Whatever, it doesnt make you any less of a queen. Ruyi is the second empress ( ulanara ), and wei yingluo is the third empress ( but not officially designated by the emperor, it was her son who gave her that title after her death ), in ruyi's show, it was actually the emperor and the empress dowager who poisoned consort ling because they thought she was bad influence on her son ( the next emperor ) [60] The drama won acclaim for its exquisite props, lavish sets, and stellar cast. Qianlong Emperor eventually realizes the error of his ways and attempts to reconcile with Ruyi until her death. Formerly the concubine of then-Fourth Prince and eventually promoted as Imperial Noble Consort Hui. After falling out of favor, she allies herself with Consort Ling but refuses to cause harm. Threatened by Ruyi's favor, Empress Fuca manipulates Noble Consort Hui to set traps and plant accusations against Ruyi while Qianlong Emperor turns the other way out of desire to maintain stability within the Imperial Harem. She looks down on the imperial concubines due to her noble birth and, although she loved her mother dearly, is held at very high expectations from her mother. The only famous actress prior to this drama is Chermaine Sheh. Maybe we need to make matchmaking great again. However, Qianlong Emperor shows deep respect for his mother as a means of displaying filialty and they get along with each other overall. I was afraid that the general would worry that she couldn't find Master Li, so she went back." #5 Qianlong Emperor: Yanxi Palace (Left) VS Ruyi (Right). This could just be a classic case of not being able to fill somebodys shoes, like your annoying BF who keeps comparing you to his ex. Looks like princesses only have happy endings in Disney movies. Until the end of her life, she served as her confidant alongside Noble Consort Yu. Picked from the Emperors harem, she was promoted to Empress after the mourning rites for Empress Xiaoxianchun ended. She is eventually promoted to Step Empress but her relationship between her and Qianlong Emperor eventually deteriorated as time passed. Along with Yuhu, he serves as Qianlong Emperor's liaison and escorts his consorts when needed. We love to see villains get punished and that is why this genre works. All Rights Reserved 2016 - 2018 Zula Pte Ltd. He is married to Imperial Princess Consort Hegong. Just dont cast Scarlett Johansson as her. As we work to restore service, you can check out how your donations support the OTW and its mission in our newest budget update.. She sides with Consort Ling. But we all deserve to dream about marrying someone above our SES (socio-economic status). His decision to take Third Prince out of the line of succession and make Qianlong Emperor his successor forced the latter to initially rescind his decision to make Ruyi his difujin. Once her crime was revealed, she was banished and sent back to Joseon. The Fourth Prince of Qianlong Emperor and Consort Jia's oldest son. We are waiting to see how Wallace Huo's portrayal of Emperor Qianlong turns out. Ruyi is able to return to the Imperial Harem with the help of her allies and turns Noble Consort Hui against Empress Fuca while also revealing the latter's wrongdoings to Qianlong Emperor. She was born to a Han Bondservant class, which meant that she was as unroyal as Meghan Markle by birth. Due to the actions of her father, she is well-liked by Qianlong Emperor but hated by Empress Dowager due to Hui's father role in having Empress Dowager's daughter married off against her wishes. Alongside his mother, he attempted to help assassinate his father and help gain the position Crown Prince of Joseon. Her hatred towards Ruyi led her to initially trust Empress Fuca and aid her in taking Ruyi her down. Deputy head eunuch of Yangxin Hall Head eunuch of Yangxin Hall Eunuch of Yuanming Garden Head Eunuch of Yangxin Hall. Re-run on 6 August 2019 at 15:00 and next day at 01:00 in all countries. Personal maid of Imperial Noble Consort Qing. A highly skilled uinyeo (female physician) from Joseon, she is skilled in medical treatment, cooking, fighting, and calligraphy. At the end of her life, she was granted the title Imperial Noble Consort but died from illness before her ceremony. The marriage was granted by Qianlong Emperor as a political move in the imperial courts. Crown Prince of Joseon and future King of Joseon. Qianlong Emperor designs and dedicated a pavilion to her, spending the rest of his life sitting inside of it and forever haunted by her memory as he grew older. To save his son from the stress of being an emperor, Prince Yongji was not selected to become the next successor. He loses his place in the succession while Empress Xiaojin loses her status as Empress. Noble Lady Yi committed suicide soon after. She glib talks out of difficult situations and manipulates in the name of survival. Despite Ruyi's desire to have her son back, she allowed Imperial Noble Consort Chun to raise him in order to avoid more conflict within the Imperial Harem. In ancient China, many families castrated their sons, hoping to propel them into the Forbidden City. Elegant and dignified, she presents herself as a respected and virtuous Empress. Entered the palace at the same time as Consort Yu. His personal decision to be adopted by Ruyi caused jealousy from Empress Fuca and Imperial Noble Consort Hui. This resulted in her holding high expectations for those around her- including her servant and children- and intentionally causing Ruyi and Hui to not be pregnant. She first greeted Consort Rong and tried to make her comfortable in her new home. In Ruyi, her character is always full of herself and always plotting against Ruyi. History records her as having learnt from the Empress, without specifics. #2 Consort Ling: Wei Yanwan (Ruyi) VS Wei Ying Luo (Yanxi Palace). Consort Ling was the birth mother of the Jiaqing Emperor, so she had to be buried with Hongli, regardless of whether Hongli liked her or not. Due to Empress Fuca's expectations, Prince Yonglian was often pushed to excel academically. As Qianlong Emperor's half-younger brother and initially another member in the line of succession, he chose to let his other brother ascend to the throne instead. She is childhood friends with Eunuch Li Yu, who had a crush on her, and Doctor Jiang Yubin, whom she had a crush on. Eventually, Consort Jia loses favor from Qianglong Emperor and she is demoted after her plans were revealed. Ruyi decides to take down Qianlong after Ling Yunche's death and put Yongqi on the throne. Noble Consort Yu is an exceptionally influential member of the Imperial Harem and makes use of her influence to deal with the concubines and consorts who stand in Ruyi's way. All Rights Reserved. Nave and kind, she is manipulated often by the women of the Imperial Harem to unknowingly help with their machinations and sometimes works against Ruyi for her own agenda. Despite vowing to protect Ruyi, he lets his ego and indulgence control his decisions over Ruyi's well-being. Due to her past relationship with Qianlong Emperor, she is despised by the women in the Imperial Harem and suffered trials and tribulations as a result. The series ends with a now-old Qianlong Emperor cutting a piece of his hair and intertwining it with the lock of hair Ruyi cut in front of him years ago and dying peacefully. Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace (Eng Sub) (Complete) - Qing Dynasty Greatest Love Story prom chau ENG SUBStory of Yanxi PalaceEP01 | Starring: Wu Jinyan, Qin Lan, Nie Yuan, Charmaine Sheh, Xu. Despite his esteemed status, he vowed to only have Suoxin as his only wife and pamper her despite her disability. [55] Around 5,000 actors competed for roles in the drama. Coming from the Ula-Nara clan of the Plain Yellow Banner with the birth name Qingying (), she is the niece of the Empress Ula-Nara Yixiu. There were fireworks and lantern feasts. Consort Ling is one of Qianlong Emperor's favorite women. Even after the death of the concubine, Qianlong still wrote several poems for her. I didn't say anything more. A daughter of a Deputy Minister promoted to be Noble Consort Qing. Due to her background as one of the ladies of the eight banners, she looks down on Ling Yunche and does not have a good relationship with him. Because Moqin was a Palace maid who. Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace Episode 2. On 3 February 1760, Consort Ling was elevated to "Noble Consort Ling". Despite Qianlong Emperor asking for Ruyi's forgiveness and for her to return to the Imperial Court as Empress once more, she refused to come back or even meet with the other women of the Imperial Harem. From 27 December 2018, it aired on Talentvision Canada. Ruyi saw Jingse for the first time but ignored her. ; Named by the Adaptation: Noble Consort Yu's personal name wasn't recorded. However, her marriage was abusive and Ruyi was able to help her get out of it in exchange for helping Ruyi clear her name. The Third Prince of Qianlong Emperor and Imperial Noble Consort Chun's oldest son. He and Suoxin were at Ruyi's funeral burning Joshi paper. Daughter of an official and Ling Yunche's wife. Emperor Qianlong bore real love for his childhood beau Empress Xiaoxianchun, who was a match made by his father Emperor Yongzheng. She is often referred to as Xiangjian by Qianlong Emperor. She and Lingzhi were the last two maids to be able to serve Ruyi during her house arrest. A younger-half sister of Qianlong Emperor, she was initially married to Khan Dorza and became High Princess of Dzungar Khanate. He was killed by an avalanche while trying to take Consort Rong back. Consort Rong refers to him as her youthful lover. She was eventually used as a scapegoat by Qianlong Emperor to weaken Empress Dowager's control. It is not known when Lady Wei entered the Forbidden City as a maid. Airs every day at 19:0020:00. Out of guilt and as a final attempt of making things right, he removed all traces of her (paintings, records, etc.) On 20 May 1749 she was promoted to "Consort Ling", and although at this point she still had no children, the Qianlong Emperor adored her, describing her as gentle and beautiful. Observant and kind-hearted, Suoxin remained loyal to Ruyi and became her Senior Maid after their stay at The Cold Palace, replacing Concubine Shen's former position. History records her as having learnt from the Empress, without specifics. Moqin () from the story Legend of Ruyi (Book 6) by DandeeCHS with 23 reads. She was used by Consort Ling to commit various actions. Being an Eunuch was the only way a nobody could find their way into the private courts of the Emperor and his harem. Dont want to miss the hottest topics and content you might like? Lady Qingying is banished from the Imperial Court upon Empress Xiaojing's house arrest. ; Good Parents: She's a good mother to Yongqi and truly loves him.She encourages him to focus on being a good subject instead of vying for the throne. Sensitive and intelligent, he becomes Qianlong's favorite son and was adopted by Ruyi, but began distancing himself from her after hearing rumors and accusations so as to not incur Qianlong's wrath and lose favor so that he can help his foster mother when appropriate. A concubine from Yongzheng Emperor's reign who was banished to the Cold Palace. She initially dislikes Ruyi because of her familial relationship with Empress Xiaojing, but later grows to respect her for her intelligence and her pure love for Qianlong Emperor, becoming an ally to her in the end. However, Khan Dorza was killed and his position was usurped by Khan Dawachi, who forced Qianlong to give High Princess Duanshu's hand in marriage in order to maintain peace and possibly prevent her from being mistreated horribly. And there are plenty. Consort Ling was the third Empress of Emperor Qianlong. Ruyi described Consort Wan as a "rare, good person" and forgave her for her actions before Consort Wan vowed to make amends. Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: ; pinyin: Ry Zhun, lit. As a result, she instigated many conflicts and caused the deaths of various concubines and their children. Due to her involvement with the Ula-Nara clan and her reputation as Qianlong Emperor's most favored wife and childhood friend, Consort Xian is initially not well received in the Imperial Harem and Imperial Family. Disillusioned and aged, she meets Ruyi and attempts to assassinate the visiting Dowager Empress;she is later executed for her attempt. However, the conflict between his mother, read more. To preserve her dignity and prevent her from being further bullied, Ruyi helped her become a Mistress in the Imperial Harem and she eventually became known as Noble Consort Yu. Eunuch of the Internal Affairs Department. Viewers were also divided over the lack of dubbing for Zhou Xun's 15-year-old character, as they felt that her voice was "too raspy" and "mature" for a teenager. She is later killed by Consort Jia's maid Zhenshu as an attempt to hide the truth about Empress Fuca's death. She was chosen by Consort Jia due to her connections with the royal family and as a means to strengthen Prince Yongcheng's succession to the throne. Ambitious, cunning, and calculating, he was initially favored due to being the first son born after Qianlong Emperor's ascension. [63] CNN and other media outlets quickly reported on this incident, calling it Chinese censorship. The last time they saw each other was after Consort Jia's last birth when he was sent to the Imperial Court for punishment. First-run (simulcast). Ruyi and Qianlong Emperor's relationship went into further decline. [73], From 27 November 2018, it aired on Fox Taiwan. [4] It later went on national broadcast and aired simultaneously on Jiangsu Television and Dragon Television from 25 December 2018.[5]. "Double Shadow ()" (Theme song (Ending theme episode 47 onwards)), "Incense & Fleeting Years ()" (Opening theme song (episode 146)), "Like the Fragrance of Plum Blossoms We Once Knew ()" (Ending theme song (episode 138, 4046)), "Things stay the same, but people have changed ()" (Opening theme (episode 47 onwards)), "Worries ()" (Ending theme song (episode 39 only)), Golden Bud The Third Network Film And Television Festival, Influence of Recreational Responsibilities Awards. During her time there, Ruyi also found a mentor in Consort Dowager Ji, an unfavoured concubine of the deceased Yongzheng Emperor. Under orders of Noble Consort Yu, he killed Ling Yunche in order to clear Ruyi's name. Airs Monday to Saturday at 13:00. Empress Nara died on 19 August 1766 and the emperor did not designate a new empress. The accusation led to Suoxin to be tortured but Consort Jia to be demoted once her plans were exposed. She was 16 years his junior. The Ninth Princess of Qianlong Emperor and Consort Ling's youngest daughter. [72] It was the first epic period drama secured by FNG for markets outside China, and was carried by STAR Chinese Channel (SCC), the flagship Chinese general entertainment channel, starting 20 August 2018 in selected countries, rerun on August 6, 2019, in all countries for return a year. He was a great lover of the arts and poetry. Prince Yongzhang Prince Xun of the Second Rank. An ambitious and calculative person, though not as hardworking as his imperial brothers, he is goaded by Imperial Noble Consort Chun to compete for the position of the Crown Prince against his adopted older brother. (Inspired by the song Metamorphosis by Leeandlie.) Due to his affections to Lancui, he is threatened by Consort Ling to frame Ruyi for her role in harming Prince Yongxuan. He is the father of Ruyi. Initially wanting Ruyi to become Third Prince's difujin and eventually Qianlong Emperor's when she failed the former's bridal selection, Empress Xiaojing was exposed for her role in the previous Empress's death as well as her legal son's attempt at usurping the throne. Often the mastermind behind Consort Ling's schemes, she remained loyal to her until Consort Ling attempted to rid of her via poison. Her death causes great pain and guilt to Qianlong Emperor up to the day he dies. Younger daughter of the Yongzhend Emperor and Dowager Empress. Formerly the first wife of then-Fourth Prince and eventually the Empress Fuca. Our donation form is currently experiencing some technical difficulties. Personal Maid Senior Maid Madame Jiang, Maid of Clothes Washing Division Senior Maid. Hongli was forced to make Yongyan (Consort Ling's son) the future Emperor, because he was the ONLY capable candidate. Straightforward and good-natured, she keeps to herself and believes that her love is reciprocated and fell in love with Qianlong Emperor at first sight. You might wonder why men will subject themselves to castration. Hong Kong actress Charmaine Sheh wears replicas of phoenix Dian-tsui hairpins made with kingfisher feathers for brilliant blue coloration. Akin to the original, main cast members were almost all unestablished, although . As punishment for her crimes, she is forced to commit suicide and dies while playing her yueqin. Xin Zhilei as the scheming Consort Jia in the Chinese historical drama 'Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace'. He first met Ruyi and her maid at The Cold Palace. [54] On August 3, actors Janine Chang, Vivian Wu, Dong Jie, Tong Yao, Jing Chao, Xin Zhilei, Li Chun, Zeng Yixuan and Chen Haoyu were cast in major supporting roles for the drama. [64][65], On 10 June 2016, Fox Networks Group Asia (FNG) acquired global rights outside mainland China to the series. But we all deserve to dream about marrying someone above our SES (socio-economic status). She ended up becoming resentful of Ruyi for putting her in an unhappy marriage, causing her to endure a traumatic birth, and her separation from her mother being one of the factors that caused Empress Fuca to pass away. This page was last edited on 15 April 2023, at 12:44. Ruyi personally cut off the hair, expressing that he and Qianlong are in peace. Obsessed with her since her time as a maid, he strikes a deal to help her rise in ranking in exchange for sexual favors and promotions. [61], On January 25, 2019 the Beijing Daily, an official government newspaper, criticized the program for failing to promote socialist values. Upon her marriage, she became Grand Princess Duanshu. Interestingly, Ruyizhuans main character is Ruyi, who appears as Empress Ulanara in Yanxi Palace. A Mongolian concubine promoted to be Consort Yu. Before her death, she warns Qianlong Emperor of Ruyi and curses whoever tries to pursue her status as Empress to die tragically. You disregarded decorum, and caused damage to the harem with enticement. When Ruyi was sent to live in the Cold Palace, he was then adopted by Imperial Noble Consort Chun. Yongzheng Emperor died six years after Ruyi's marriage to Qianlong Emperor. All three women are promoted once Prince Hongli became Qianlong Emperor; Lady Qingying becoming Consort Xian, Lady Fuca becomes Empress and Lady Gao becoming Noble Consort Hui. Before Ruyi's death, Dowager Empress arranged him to live with her for his safety. A greedy and obnoxious woman, she tries to push her daughter into achieving higher for her personal gains. However, Qianlong Emperor knew that she was a spy and secretly gave her medicine to prevent her from bearing healthy children from him. Consort Ling's actions against the Imperial Family are exposed by Ruyi and Qianlong Emperor punishes Consort Ling by demoting. The former Head Eunuch of Yangxin Hall and a personal attendant of Qianlong Emperor. Childhood sweethearts with Suoxin, he requested her hand in marriage after treating her injuries after she was tortured. Her devil-may-care attitude is what makes the show so fun to watch. Ruyi's Royal Love In The Palace ("Ruyi") is a sequel to the 2012's Empresses in the Palace and it focuses on Emperor Qianlong's relationship with the step-Empress Ulanara. Eventually, she loses favor and succumbs to illness after falling into water via Consort Jia's actions. Empress Fuca is memorialized throughout his reign; he went as far as disowning his two sons for not mourning hard enough at her funeral. Looks like your parents know best. Debates about the identity of the lady are still ongoing and it has been suggested that she might be Imperial Noble Consort Qinggong, one of the Qianlong Emperor's childless concubines who raised Yongyan. Her marriage was null by Qianlong Emperor after exposing her husband's true nature. Qianlong Emperor puts her under house arrest and lets Consort Ling oversee the Imperial Harem as the new de-facto Empress. Get Ready For Vestiaire Days 2023: Up To 70% Discount On Pre-Loved Designer Bags, Clothes & Jewellery! He often assists Ruyi and Suoxin while they were in The Cold Palace and during Ruyi's rise as Empress. She was born to a Han Bondservant class, which meant that she was as unroyal as Meghan Markle by birth. The Seventh Princess of Qianlong Emperor and Consort Ling's oldest daughter. Ruyi (Zhou Xun) is a consort who quickly learns to navigate the treacherous politics of the royal court and move up the ranks. Subscribe Now MZTV Exclusive Chinese Drama: https://bit.ly/mztvdrasubSynopsisQianlong took office in 1735 AD, and the side blessing Jin Ruyi, who knew. Initially seen as a foreigner who is attentive and favored by Qianlong Emperor for having sons, she is revealed to be manipulative, shrewd, and the mastermind behind Imperial Noble Consort Hui and Empress Fuca's demise. He ends up succeeding the Qianlong Emperor. Lianxin eventually disclosed her marriage to Ruyi, allowing Ruyi to conduct a plan that clears her name and frees Lianxin of her marriage by making Wang Qin sexually harass Imperial Noble Consort Hui while drunk and high on drugs. Ruyi's senior maid and Doctor Jiang's only wife. Ce'fujin (secondary wife) -> Consort Xian -> Noble Lady -> Commoner (demoted) -> Consort -> Noble Consort -> Imperial Noble Consort -> Empress. Her frugal ways were meant. You can see how different her story is when portrayed as the lead or villain. Driven by spite against those who had wronged her and financially pressured by her family, Consort Ling grows in favor due to constantly feeding into Qianlong Emperor's wants over his needs and reputation. An Uyghur princess promoted to be Consort Rong. One of Dowager Empress's spies, Consort Shu was trained to be the ideal partner for Qianlong Emperor and entered into the Imperial Harem after performing for him. Disclaimer: contains minor spoilers from history. She was present as an attendant during Ruyi's first night as Empress, and in a later scene appears before Qianlong and describes Jin Yuyan's bribes among the wives of the imperial clan in exchange for installing her son Yongcheng as the Crown Prince. Qingying was chosen to be one of Hongli's secondary wives ( ce'fujin) , and falls in love with him at first sight. A royal Jesuit painter from Italy serving the Imperial Court referred to as Sir Lang Shining. Once Consort Jia was demoted to commoner, Lady Irgen-Gioro showed disdain towards her mother-in-law, which Prince Yongcheng doesn't take kindly of. Lady Wei was born on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month in the fifth year of the reign of the Yongzheng Emperor, which translates to 23 October 1727 in the Gregorian calendar. Personal maid of Imperial Noble Consort Chen. Many felt underwhelmed by the unaggressive heroine, who was not able to face off the villain consorts even in the second half of the drama, thus making her character design flawed and unconvincing. However, she betrays Consort Ling after being convinced by Consort Ying to side with Ruyi instead. #4 Noble Consort Gao: Gao Xiyue (Ruyi) VS Gao Ning Xin (Yanxi Palace). It reminds us why history is subjective and written by the victors. After nearly drowning, Empress Fuca confesses to Qianlong Emperor and dies after cursing whoever tries to take her position as Empress to die miserably and warns him of Ruyi's true nature. New My Fair Princess is a 2011 Chinese television drama written by Taiwanese novelist Chiung Yao (with help by her assistant Huang Su-yuan) and produced by Hunan Broadcasting System.It is a remake of the 1998-1999 smash hit My Fair Princess, and directed by the same 2 directors from My Fair Princess III (2003). The drama was also criticized for its anticlimactic story and depressive tone. Unfortunately, the Ulanara family's . Despite initially being favored, the loss of her child and decline in health led her to lose favor and believe Empress Fuca was responsible for her child's death. Ruyi's ascension from Consort to Imperial Noble Consort to Step Empress was made uneasy due to Consort Jia's attempt to curb her favor with scathing rumors and other actions that led to various injuries and deaths to those Ruyi loved. Second-run (re-run). The right picture shows the authentic pieces from the Palace Museum. She is revealed to be carrying the child of Khan Dawachi upon her arrival, forcing Qianlong Emperor to not be able to rescind her marriage or separate her from her new husband. Her posthumous title of Imperial Noble Consort Shujia; her name is a homophone for "loser" (). She also helps escorts new members of the Imperial Harem and act as a liaison between him and others within the Imperial Court. Prince Yonghuang Prince Ding'an of the First Rank (Posthumously). #3 Empress: Fuca Langhua (Ruyi) VS Fuca Rongyin (Yanxi Palace). On 17 June 1766, she gave birth to the 17th son, Yonglin. Ruyi met palace guard Ling Yunche when she was first banished to the Cold Palace, and they soon developed a close friendship. Loyal, firm, and sharp-tongued, Rongpei was an orphan who spent her life working as a maid for the Imperial Court and was serving in the Clothes Washing Division when she first met Ruyi. After returning home to be with Qianlong Emperor, she initially sided with Consort Ling to take her down as a means of avenging her mother. Vogue magazine commented that the drama actually recorded "the failure of a high-end girl" because what Ruyi had been pursuing was spiritual connections with her spouse; and such a pursuit represents the taste and ideal of the modern middle class. Lingzhi was a part of Ruyi's funeral when she died, burning Joshi paper alongside Suoxin and San Bao.
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